欢迎来到MG官方应用下载, where educational excellence thrives in the rich cultural heritage of the Shoals region of Alabama. UNA是一个非凡的地方. 作为该州最古老的公立大学, we have a fascinating history 而且 a gr吃 story to tell.

如果你是一名准学生, I encourage you to let academic criteria guide your choice of a college or university. Does the institution offer the degree program you need? Will the institution nurture you as you pursue your program of study? Will the faculty support you 而且 challenge you to excel? Will the university do its best to keep the cost of education affordable so you can complete your journey 而且 move on to a rewarding career?

At UNA, we answer these questions each day with an emphatic YES! Our faculty 而且 staff are talented professionals who are committed to helping students succeed. The environment is safe 而且 supportive, 而且 the campus is stunningly beautiful. The serenity of our grounds is complemented by the adjacent historic district 而且 vibrant downtown area of Florence --Alabama’s Renaissance City. 这是一个理想的环境,生活和学习.

My family 而且 I are privileged to live in a beautiful, historic home at the main entrance to campus. Each morning we awake to the sound of Leo roaring in the lion habitat next door. It is a distinctive alarm clock 而且 is another attribute of UNA that highlights our unique status in the crowded l而且scape of American higher education. We feel the pride of this special place every day.

With its wonderful people, beautiful campus, 而且 regional charm, UNA is the perfect fit for you, too. I invite you to check out our website, or, better yet, stop by for a visit. 你会很高兴你这么做了.


Dr. 肯•基茨



Dr. Ken Kitts became president of the MG官方应用下载 on March 30, 2015. 在加入UNA之前,Dr. Kitts served in various academic 而且 administrative positions at institutions in North Carolina 而且 South Carolina.

Dr. 凯特获得了文学士学位, MA, 而且 PhD degrees in political science 而且 also holds a post-graduate certificate from Harvard University’s Institute for 教育al Management. Dr. Kitts’ academic interests include the American presidency, 国家安全, 以及执行咨询系统. He is the author of an award-winning book on presidential commissions 而且 has published numerous articles, 评论, 而且 commentaries on topics dealing with both political science 而且 higher education.

作为UNA的主席,Dr. Kitts has focused his efforts on exp而且ing academic opportunities, 增强学生体验, 而且 promoting the University to external constituencies. He has presided over record enrollment growth 而且 secured the funds necessary to develop new academic programs 而且 facilities. He works closely with faculty 而且 staff to ensure that growth aligns well with the University’s identity, 战略重点, 以及对地区和国家的承诺. 在内心深处,他自称是一位教授. Kitts still finds time to teach to underscore his personal commitment to students 而且 his belief in engaged leadership.

Dr. Kitts is a fan of Lion 体育运动 而且 led the successful transition of UNA to Division I status in the NCAA classification system. 还有他的家人, he is known for his support of student events 而且 involvement in a wide range of campus activities.

Dr. Kitts serves on a variety of governing boards including the Business Council of Alabama, 浅滩商会, 而且 the 总统’s Council of the ASUN Athletic Conference. He is a member of Leadership Alabama 而且 the Florence Rotary Club.


会见教务长 而且


Thank you for your interest in the MG官方应用下载 (UNA)! 我们自豪地提供140多个专业, 未成年人, 而且 concentrations at the graduate 而且 undergraduate levels, including many online programs 而且 course offerings. 无论你选择哪一个, you will be gaining a quality educational experience with a personalized approach. Our dedicated 而且 highly credentialed faculty members are both experts in their respective fields as well as innovative classroom teachers. Students can also gain 而且 apply knowledge 而且 skills outside the classroom through a host of study abroad, 实习, 以及服务学习的机会和选择. Many of our degree programs boast prestigious 而且 selective disciplinary accreditation that distinguishes UNA from many peer institutions. 作为学术创新的领导者, UNA is constantly evolving 而且 adding graduate 而且 undergraduate degree programs in multiple modalities that appeal to students 而且 learners of all ages, providing them with the skills 而且 experiences they need to succeed in a constantly evolving 而且 changing world. We would love for you to join our university community. 我们期待你的消息. 咆哮的狮子!


罗斯C. 亚历山大,Ph值.D.

Provost 而且 负责学术事务的执行副总裁